Cute Couple
credit: Jane Cave

Girl, when I’m down

You always come around.

You know just what to say.

Love lifts me off the ground.

You take me to a place

That’s deeper than a space shuttle in the sky.

Girl you got a brother high

And I don’t want to land.

Baby talk my hand, cause I just wanna fly.

Baby love me in the sky

Cause I want you to feel everything I feel.

We can take a trip to the moon cause you’re real.

You never had a bad night, even on a bad night.

We believe in sunshine; we believe in daylight

And had a lot of cold nights where you have been my whole life.

I’m just glad you are here now baby girl.

We are so right for each other;

I’m more than just your lover.

I die for you, protect you like your brother,

So call me when you need me baby.

I’ll be around. Baby girl you got me.

Love lifts me off the ground.