Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau explains Street Sense to a potential customer.
credit: Ken Martin

I know what Street Sense has done for me. I can still remember the times I was sleeping in bus stops. Riding the trains until they came to an end and then riding them back again, so I could get some sleep. Sleeping in abandoned houses, while my husband stayed awake just to watch out for me. Being hungry sometimes or wanting to take a bath with no facilities available.

One day while I was panhandling in front of a corner store, a guy walked up to me and said, “If if you can do that, then you sure can do this.” He gave me the card for Street Sense.

It wasn’t easy. I went from sleeping in abandoned houses to motels, renting rooms, and finally an efficiency studio apartment. Now my husband and I have a one bedroom that we share with two cats, and we adore it.

Without the help of Street Sense, I don’t know where I’d be today. I left Street Sense because I thought I could make it on my own. I am drug-free and haven’t been locked up in years. My husband found a job.

But when things get tight, having somewhere like Street Sense to go back to is great. This is Vennie and I am back to further my financial independence! Welcome me back because, for real, I’m glad to be back. I didn’t think I’d return to selling papers but I realize you need help whether it’s one foot in or out.

We’re just a little bit behind. Aand I look forward to being a whole lot in front. Selling Street Sense is my job, I love doing it and I work very hard at it.

We at the paper appreciate the public for participating in purchasing and sales of the paper. To help us is to love us, as vendors, writers and other artists. May God bless you and all of us.
We enjoy and hope to see you soon.