Ronald Dudley and his daughter
credit: Ronald Dudley and his daughter

God bless a child who can hold his own.

There’s a war going on outside my home

Where the trees don’t grow,

But the grass is still green,

Where the birds don’t fly

But the bees they sting

Where the sun don’t shine

But the moon it glows.

Getting’ hotter every winter

But in June it snows.

I be dreamin’ of me every night

Touching the stars I see my girl

She is on Venus

She can see me from Mars.

I had a dream about my Mommy

She in Heaven with God.

I got a daughter named Heaven

She is so heavenly, Lord,

If only God can judge me

Then why are you judging’?

See my whole family broke

And I’m addicted to hustlin’

And my daughter’s gotta’ eat

And I won’t let them starve.

And the ones you love the most

They keep breakin’ your heart.

And the ones you keep around

They just bring’ you down.

But you still give Him a pound.

Now he dead in the ground.

Now you thinkin’ ‘bout the past

Let the Good Times last.

If they ever call you garbage

That don’t mean you trash.