Picture of a neighborhood leading up to a smoggy city.
credit: David Evers/Flickr

She had eyes that sparkled

Dimples with short curly hair

Five kids at 23

No one really cared


Mother very religious

Father was never around

To teach his baby girl

That life is full of ups and downs


She had her cycle at nine

And to the world she was

Oh so fine

A grown up body

On a baby’s mind


Her step brother’s blind to the fact

That that’s  his sister he’s watchin’

And with no one there to stop him

He’s been seein’ her blossom


When she close her eyes at night

You the reason she dream

When she scared to go to sleep

You the reason she scream


“Mommy help me!

Daddy save me!

‘Cause it hurts and it bleeds

When he rape me!”


Oh what a nightmare

Baby I know you scared

All you need is a hug

And someone who really cares


Don’t cry

Just take my hand

I’ll be their when you call

To catch your tears

before they fall

‘Cause you done been through it all.