a photo of a vendor selling a newspaper
credit: Johnathan Comer

Street Sense can be used as a tool to help homeless people in every state.

The paper can help the public to see us as people. People who want to work, not to beg.

There 40 such street papers in cities across the U.S. and more than 100 around the world. But this model could help so many more people.

The paper can remove the pressure from employers to hire homeless people because you can find your own way as a self-employed contractor for Street Sense (or another street paper).

The money made by paper sales encourages greater self-esteem alongside financial independence — a stepping stone to rent living space, buy other necessities and cope with the homeless lifestyle.

Street Sense gives homeless people the space to develop your voice and repressed abilities. It truly feels wonderful to connect with this community and again be a part of something meaningful.

Street Sense can spark the motivation to find gainful employment.

Best of all, Street Sense rebuilds relationships between homeless people and the community at large, which can lead to major opportunities. You never know who you might meet while selling this paper.