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Greetings, my conscientious, mind-opening, soon-to-take-action readers. Most people go through life silently observing the wrongs that take place right before their very eyes. That is especially true if it doesn’t directly affect them. They are totally oblivious that it could impact their life at any point.

Perception or Reality?

Selfishness or selflessness: we must learn to move self out of the way. It’s really not as hard as it may appear. Just listen intently to the voice of whoever you may call your higher power, for truly there is a power far greater that all of us.

Perception or Reality?

Think soberly and trust God no matter what. Don’t you know what you do today will determine what takes place tomorrow? It is imperative that you care to be different, that you actually care about someone other than yourself.

Perception or Reality?

You ever ask yourself a question like ‘how come this?’ or ‘why came that?’ Me too. I’m looking for a chain reaction. Initially, marijuana was legalized in one state, then other states followed suite. In the same way, gay rights became protected in one state, then others began to follow. The nation’s capital has been an early adopter for both of these issues. So I ask myself: how come Salt Lake City, Utah can end their chronic homelessness and we still have 1,500 chronically homeless people on the street? Imagine that! What’s really going on?

Perception or Reality?

By the way, Salt Lake City, Utah accomplished this feat by embracing “housing first.” Each administration that comes into office vows to end homelessness. Well if one state has done it, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure hot how to do it again. Just do it — be a copycat! Unless all is a façade.

Perception or Reality?

Okay my awakening audience, what are we gonna do? Continue to allow the system and/or the government to play with your intelligence? How can you sit by and allow your veterans–who unselfishly sacrificed tremendously for your freedom and security—sleep on the street or pick food out of trash cans. Please don’t continue to sit idly by and allow such a travesty of injustice to take place. Let’s lift our voices, stand together with purpose and make a change!

One last question: What would you do if you lost your job or got laid off or missed a couple of mortgage payments or rent payments? This situation would undoubtedly propel you into the ever-increasing ranks

of the homeless or unstably-housed community. What is the first thing you would do? Treat, respond or do not respond to the homeless community the same way you would want to be treated.

Think about it. No, seriously, think about it please. This homelessness epidemic could impact the lives of you and your family at any given time.

Perception or Reality.

I, along with the rest of the Street Sense players, created the following:

The Homeless Bill of Rights

Any and all homeless individuals have the right:

To be recognized as part of the one ever-lasting race – the human race- and therefore having access to the same rights as all others, regardless of one’s living arrangements.

To be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

To rest, sit, or stand peaceably in any public place and not be harassed.

To use any public rest room.

To purchase items in any store.

To ride public transportation. To live in the pursuit of happiness, because we are all born free.

To be sheltered and protected from the cold, the heat, the ice, the storm.

To have a safe, affordable home in which to reside.

To protect our belongings and keep them with us at all times, if necessary.

To be valued by who we are, NOT what we wear, how much money we make or where we live.