credit: Michelle Robinson / Flickr

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks out-side, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”                      —Car Jung

There is, as is said, a method to my madness, a message in my writing, a purpose for my advocating and love in my heart for all people regardless to race, religion, economic status or any other differences that disunite us.

I would like some feedback on my articles and poems, even if your thoughts are that I should discontinue writing as it often seems as though I am writing to no avail.

I am far from being a quitter and you shouldn’t lay down either. You shouldn’t silently allow this broken system of ours to continue to do what it wants. Unlike certain communities, you have a voice and it needs to be heard. Let it be heard: add it to mine and others that it may be effective. To be silent is to be in agreement. Let’s speak up, let’s speak out and unify our voices to hold these elected officials accountable for the promises they make coming into offices. Let’s not feed into modern day genocide and gentrification. To remain silent is a mistake, however an acknowledged mistake can be rectified.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” 

—Albert Einstein

The ASPCA has a commercial that airs frequently to request from you — the public tax-paying productive members of society — assistance to provide food, healthcare and housing for homeless, abused, neglected and ill… animals. Not a problem, but what about us humans at the top of the food chain? (Of which there are so many abused, neglected and ill.) Yes, so, so many are starving, all alone, and desperate-ly in need of medical attention (physical psychological and emotional). Others suffer the ills of joblessness and housing instability.

Housing stability is basically generated as a result of affordable housing, which we obviously lack. The Area Median In-come, which “affordable” housing prices are based on, is a travesty of justice. It is derived in a manner in that ensures it holds a certain population down.

Perception or reality? What is the perception of your reality?

How do you view the world which we live in? as you have de-parted your adolescence and begun to mature and embark upon adulthood, is your current world in which you now embrace as you envisioned? What differs? Why? What role do you embrace? Something is coming at you and you won’t event see it unless you open your eyes and ears and in some cases your mind. I, me, you, the world has had a setback. Can we comeback? I believe so. Do you?

A setback is just a setup for a comeback.”                      — Willie Jolley

Currently we are in the midst of a homeless epidemic, which can consume you or me. Most of us know someone that will be affected. We’re a lot more connected than you think. We must administer the vaccine to eradicate homelessness with immediate and continual dosages of afford-able housing, which is more easily acquired by the removal of the presently prescribed area median income.

Perception. Or. Reality. Get us off this merry go round, In this political town. Open your eyes and look around. You might discover they stole your crown. Lies, lies, lies — so many in disguise. For whose demise?

Spike Lee’s urgent message at the end of the film School Days states, as Lawrence Fishburne rings the alarm “Wake up! Wake up! Wake UUUPPPP!”