Image of a curved road.
credit: Yvonne Yiwen Li/ Flickr

Love or hate. Either emotion can make you crazy. Yet neither do entangle me. Tattered is my heart, yet full of love and compassion, broken and shattered. Where do I go? What do I do? No one even sometimes to talk to. Stop, look, listen. To what?  To who? You care too, but for who? Do this or that. Why or when? How did it all begin? When will it end?

Still I believe I shall receive that which no one thought I could achieve. Knowledge I put on a shelf, I should be teaching. Yet I am stretching. Reaching but reaching for what? Is this reality or perception? I should have caught it in conception. What’s really going on? Is it going on, really, what? So much is on my mind. Got to admit, it ain’t all kind. So full is my brain, how do I ever sustain? By His grace and mercy gonna hold on to it cause baby I am yet still thirsty. I gotta tap deeper into the source,

Hey that’s it, but of course. Caught up because I was set up not to do as I was brought up. Feel sometimes used and pimped. Still I must make an attempt. Nothing beats a failure but a try. Fired, tired, fired. I should/could just cry.