I know roses are red and violets are blue.
Every time I think about love I think about you.
Every time I think about trust, I think about us.

I thank you for the day we separated the lust
and I appreciate the fact that you committed to

I was lost, now I’m found. Baby, pray for me hard.
All I needed was a woman in my life to teach me.
Baby, you’re the one who shows
every woman ain’t greedy, and
baby, you’re the one who showed
every woman don’t lie.
Baby, you’re the one I see
when I look at the sky.
I just seen you in the clouds.
What a beautiful smile!

Baby don’t disappear
cause I need you right now.

I used to be a player being played.
Now I gotta queen in my life.
I got it made.
Plus she got a king in her life
Cause she prayed.

You are my heart, baby
And I’m your ace of spades.

You wanna KNOW.