A photo of the inside of a church.
credit: Diliff / wikipedia

With a verse in my heart
Got a demon in my soul
That’s tryin’a tear me apart

I got a road I’mma take
To guide me to the light
I got a prayer I’mma say
to guide me tonight

I got a scripture in my head
So I pray for the dead
‘Cause if momma was alive
She’d be telling me this

Son, don’t you forget To pray for your family
My life is your life
And your life can really be something
If you just be humble and patient

Momma in heaven
I’m patiently waiting
They say the power
of prayer is amazing

Father forgive me, for my reevaluation
Father forgive me, for all of my sins
I was then sinner
for all of my friends

I was just looking
for someone, to find
All of a sudden
now you on my mind

It’s just too much evil
I need peace
Had to battle all my demons
Then I conquered the beast

Had to bury all my bad habits
And all my bad ways
Now I’m going back to Church
to give God praise

I used to be a hypocrite
But that’s okay
You keep being hypocritical

I’mma pray that you get struck
by Jesus Christ
Right in the heart
When God forgave him

All his pain just stopped
When God gave him
All his pain just left
Now he’s singing God, I love ya to death

Yes, God is great
And God is good
When nobody else could
God understood.

When nobody else can
God understands
Took a boy by the hand
And made him a man

Took a man by the soul
And gave him a son
Then he pointed straight to heaven
And told them to run