Elizabeth Bryant the day she reconnected with her daughter.
credit: Ken Martin

I’m so excited! My and my daughter talked today, for the first time in two years.

There were no arguments — and I have to accept that I used to start most of those.

We ran into each other at the bus stop this morning. We just communicated and respected one another. I was so excited that I almost couldn’t stop talking. She took my number and said that all she wanted was for her mother to be in her life.

I just need to to trust in God and the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ are in control, not me. I have to start right away praying that I don’t get back in the driver’s seat.

I just take one minute at a time and I pray that I don’t mess it up! I can’t stop putting in all the hard work that I have been in order to be a better person.

And I’ll be here. I’m waiting for the call.