Pookanu takes a selfie with D.C. Mayor Bowser
credit: Pookanu / Ronald Dudley

I’m a D.C. Capital
Land of the Nationals
Number one fan in the world
This is factual
I’m a Washingtonian
We don’t let no phonies in
All we know is loyalty
Even if we loose or win

Can’t no city take our pride
Can’t no city take our faith
Can’t no city hold us back
Can’t no city take our place

I just met the mayor
She said she’s a Caps fan
Said she had a plan
To bring the city back, man
Said she saw a vision
I think I saw the same one
Red, white and blue
Teams can hide, but can’t run
My city full of winners
Eat other teams for dinner

Rest in peace Sean Taylor
My city still remembers
We the Washington Redskins
We the Washington Wizards
We D.C. United
United forever in scripture
I know you get the picture
I hope you got the message

I’m a Georgetown Hoya
I’m a bison from Howard
I’m a GW Colonial
with the power
I’m American U
My city so patriotic
We red, white and blue

Politicians on my line
calling my phone
They say my city in a zone
Time to bring it back home
Who got the rock? (John Wall!)
Go Bradley Beale
Who broke the ice? (A-O!)
Ovechkinz for real
Who just hit a home run?
Who get it done?
Just knocked it out the park
Who number one?

We’re Banneker, Duke Ellington
We are Cardoza
We’re Anna Balou
Math, Science — it’s ova

We Ben’s Chili Bowl
We Florida Ave Grill
We underestimated
But survivin’ it still
We’re monumental
Strong, adapted to pain
Got my city lookin’ pretty
Architects in the rain

Street Sense, The Express
The Washington Post
Street Sense, Street Sense
Who doin’ the most?
Street Sense, Street Sense,
My city is back
Street Sense, Street Sense
Time for the victory lap