Rest in peace Keith, rest in peace Tim, rest in peace Mr. Snipes, may God bless their life. My pops just had a stroke, my favorite auntie must go through Chemo, my cousin is back in jail, my life’s a living Hell!

I’m about to get ‘put out”, tired of the same old rout. I found my roommate dead, that stuff messed up my head and now it’s Bernie Mac. I wish laughter could bring him back and Shawn Taylor – we never got a chance to tell ya we love ya, in 21 ways. We will be thinkin’ of ya and grievin’ every season.

Man they got me preachin’! Momma Asante keep telling me to go to church, put God first and the Lord’ll get you through the worst. I try not to cry, but the night I felt my mother die, my lil’ sister askin’ – “why, mommy go bye”? I tell her a lie, cause the truth is just too much to bear, can’t tell her why, cause the truth is just too much to share.