A photo of a monkey-under-interrogation
credit: Illustration by Barbara Pollard

If our political structure allows other countries and continents to influence our political process, which still needs fixing, then we need fixing. All President Donald Trump’s cabinet members are running away, and he’s faker than his toupee. I’d have voted for his toupee before I voted for him. How did this happen? This man has no political background. And at the same time, he’s sitting at the White House saying he’s going to cut health care for 20 million people. Now taxpayers have to pay for him to stay in the White House. People act like they don’t really care as long as they pay their bills and car loans. It doesn’t really matter whether the monkey is under investigation, now does it, they say. They are so hypnotized by corporate society that they are scared or blind to what’s happening right in front of them. This is structurally messed up. But there’s still a lot of room to reverse. Why are we putting an egomaniacal billionaire in the office when we’re broke? There’s no sense in that. But people are falling for it. A gimmick. A fake reality.