A photo of Street Sense artist/vendors Sheila and Morgan


Dear Friend,

At Street Sense, we are about the work of building a better community. We believe that homelessness is a solvable problem and that its solution is within reach. We believe that given the opportunity, men and women who are homeless can themselves do the hard work of making their way to a better station in life. We believe that homelessness affects all of us, and that all of us share a responsibility to help craft a solution.

For men and women who are homeless, Street Sense provides the opportunity of self-employment. We offer this on demand and without barrier. Whenever you are ready to accept the challenge of working for yourself as a vendor of our newspaper, our door is open to you. It’s a door that over 600 men and women have walked through since 2003.

In addition to earning income, vending Street Sense offers the opportunity to build and be a part of a supportive community.  This begins with your Street Sense colleagues but quickly extends to the customers you win through your hard work. Having this community ends the profound sense of aloneness that characterizes homelessness and makes moving beyond it so difficult. To assist in the journey beyond homelessness, Street Sense now offers case management assistance to help our vendors navigate the often complex social service bureaucracies towards housing, health and mental health care. This has been an effort we have striven to fund for several years, and earlier this year we finally won a grant to make it possible.

Today, more than ever before, Street Sense offers men and women who are homeless powerful opportunities for self-expression. Through writing, film, photography, theatre and illustration, our vendors share their stories, their perspective and their opinions. These original, important voices contribute to the fabric of our community, make it more inclusive, and hopefully alter and enhance our collective understanding.

All our work is made possible by our generous and loyal donors. We are profoundly grateful for your past support. Please consider renewing your support today with a tax-deductible contribution to our spring appeal. This appeal occurs annually at a time when donations typically slow. Make your contribution online today or by mailing a check to Street Sense, 1317 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005.


Once again, thank you for your generosity!


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Brian Carome
Executive Director